Rabar manufacture and distribute premixes and macros to supplement rations to ensure the best performance from your livestock delivering essential nutrients to improve the nutritional status and balancing these to ensure optimum results for you and your livestock


• Rabar Work horse Mix

• Rabar Equine Gold Premix

• Premium Vitamin & Mineral Horse Supplement 

Rabar’s unique blend of minerals have been formulated with organic trace minerals to allow for maximum bioavailability and to keep your horse performing at its peak.

• Electrolyte Horse Supplement

Give your horse a chance to perform at its best by making sure that the electrolyte losses in sweat are adequately replaced by feeding Rabar Electrolyte Horse Supplement.

• Joint & Hoof Supplement

Rabar Joint & Hoof Supplement provides the essentials minerals to help keep joints, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and hoofs sound and healthy.


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DOWNLOAD>> Rabar Equine Gold Premix PDF

DOWNLOAD>> Electrolyte Horse Supplement PDF

DOWNLOAD>> Premium Vitamin & Mineral Horse Supplement PDF

DOWNLOAD>> Joint & Hoof Supplement PDF