Antibiotics & Coccidiostats & Ionophores

Antibiotics [an-ti-bahy-ot-ik, -bee-, an-tee-, -tahy-] 

Veterinary prescribed (S4) antimicrobial pharmaceutical, usually of plant or fungal origin. Although the primary use of antibiotics is in the treatment of infections, certain antibiotics are used as feed additives in order to improve growth and feed conversion.


Albac - 15% Zinc Bacitracin

Dot (Pure) (98.5%)

Eskalin Pure

Surmax 200 Premix

Tylodox 250


Coccidiostats [ahy-on-uh-fawr, -fohr] a chemical agent added to animal feed (as for poultry) that serves to retard the life cycle or reduce the population of pathogenic coccidia to the point that disease is minimized and the host develops immunity 


Bacidox 15%

Coxistac 120gm



Flavodox 80

Keystat Powder

Monteban 10%

Nicarbazin Pure

Olaquindox Pure


Oxytetracycline 98%

Positac 60

Salindox 12%

Wormtec 30


Ionophores- a compound that facilitates transmission of an ion (as of calcium) across a lipid barrier (as in a plasma membrane) by combining with the ion or by increasing the permeability of the barrier to it 


Bovatec 20 Liquid

Bovatec 20 Powder

Monendox 200 BMP 

Monendox 400

Rumensin 100

Rumensin 200