Organic Materials

Organic Minerals [awr-gan-ik min-er-uhl, min-ruhls] 

Organic minerals are those which are chemically bonded to amino acids or organic acids which assist in the mineral’s absorption. These Organic minerals mimic the natural mineral chelates that form during the digestion process making them subjective to less competition and therefore are more readily absorbed and utilized by the body

Availa Copper 100

Availa Fe 60

Availa Manganese 80

Availa Se 0.1%

Availa Zn 100

Bioplex Cobalt 2.5%

Bioplex Copper 10%

Bioplex Iron 15%

Bioplex Manganese 10%

Bioplex Selplex 0.2%

Bioplex Zinc 15%

Mintrex Copper 15%

Mintrex Manganese 13%

Mintrex Zinc 16%

Alkosel 3000

Chromium Yeast 0.1%

B-Traxim 2c G/Cu-240

B-Traxim 2c G/Fe-180 

B-Traxim 2c G/Zn-260 

B-Traxim 2c G/Mn-220